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1 heel / calcaneus 2 long plantar ligament 3 short plantar ligament  4 metatarsophalangeal joints   5 plantar metatarsal ligament 6 metatarsal I  7 metatarsal II 8 metatarsal III 9 metatarsal IV 10 metatarsal V 11 dorsal interosseus 12 dorsal interossei II 13 dorsal interosseus III 14 dorsal interosseus IV 15 fibularis longus tendon 16 abductor ossis metatarsi digiti quinti 17 talocalcaneonavicular joint 18 cuneonavicular joint 19 medial cuneometatarsal joint 20 metatarsophalangeal joints. Sole

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Layer 10- Plantar ligaments

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