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1 talus 2 navicular 3 cuboid 4 medial cuneiform 5 metatarsal I  6 dorsal interosseus I 7 metatarsal II 8 dorsal interosseus II 9 metatarsal III 10 dorsal interosseous III 11 metatarsal IV 12 dorsal interosseous IV 13 metatarsal V 14 proximal phalanx of big toe I 15  proximal phalanx of 2nd toe II 16 proximal phalanx of 3rd toe III 17 proximal phalanx of 4th toe 18 proximal phalanx of 5th toe. Dorsum of foot


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Dorsum of foot
Layer 7- Layer of   (dorsal) interossei

Click to dissect from vessels of dorsum of foot (layer 6) to layer of dorsal interossei (layer 7)

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