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1 anterior axillary fold  2 axilla 3 posterior axillary fold  4 transpyloric plane  5 transtubercular plane (L5)  6  right lumbar region  7 right iliac region (iliac fossa)   8 midclavicular line or left lateral line  9 scrotum containing testes 10 root of penis  11 inguinal region 12 external oblique muscle of abdomen  13 hypogastric region 14 left lumbar region  15 paraumbilical region  16  umbilicus 17 epigastric region  18 tendinous intersections of rectus abdominis 19 rectus abdominis  20  pectoral region  21  pectoral muscles   external oblique muscle of abdomen  22 right hypochondriac region  23 left hypochondriac region  24 left iliac region (iliac fossa)

Layer 1- Skin

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