1 Sexual Hygiene
2 Computerized Neuroanatomy Practical
3 Computerized Osteology Practical and Tutorial
4 Computerized Histology & Cell Biology Practical
5 Computerized Embryology Practical
6 Computerized Living anatomy Practical
7 Computerized Gross anatomy Practical
8 Computerized Pocket Anatomy
9 Computerized Medicine Practical
  • Truly [or Totally] Interactive Electronic Books [TIEB]
Read the electronic books with AM browser and JAVA


These books are provided on CDs/DVDs and also on internet for interactive learning. When their CDs are installed, they function either as internet TIEB with connection via modems or as CD TIEB with interaction via the CD on your  computer. They provide superior means of learning and checking out items on the books by links (e.g. electronic dictionaries), using mainly the learning theory and their main learning resource is the Electronic School of Medicine [www.oluwoleogunranti.com ] and Human Anatomy Museum Jos [www.hamj.org]. Check How to use totally interactive electronic Books (TIEBS).

They also provide a moving virtual library which can be connected via links to stupendous books and papers on the web and elsewhere. This virtual library can contain over a million papers in a single TIEB book to include links to videos, audios, telemedicine , picture display engines , hypertexted machines,,,animators,  simulators,,,,dissectors,,,Rotators, Rotator scan, Locators, Organ sectors,  Virtual reality (Quicktime),  Virtual reality (VRML),Tissue processor,, Tissue diagnostic,,Search engines, Quiz engines to include Grades only quizzes,, Grades and answers quizzes,, Hypertexted study quizzes (study), Diagnostic pictures,,Clinical simulators,,Xray sectors, Ultrasound sectors , CAT scan sectors,MRI sectors, Histosectors (Biopsy,, Postmortem),,Surgical Operators  Virtual patients, Clinical examiners such as History takers, Temperature takers,, Pulse takers,, Repiratory rate takers,, Blood pressure takers,, Inspectors ((Eye inspector, Magnifier,  Light inspectors,,Examiner's inspectors), Palpators (Mouse palpator, Organ-display palpator, Hand palpator, Examiner's palpator, Percussors  (Hand percussor, Mouse percussor, Examiner's percussor), Auscultators  (Mouse auscultator, Stethoscope auscultators, Examiner's auscultator, Clinical MEGAEXAMINER  etc

Learning theory assists the reader to pick his/her personalized approaches to learning and all known approaches are presented in the books to include visual (video, image etc), auditory (audio) and kinesthetic (mouse touch) learning channels. It also takes care of learning styles

The electronic media (CD, internet) are the actual [electronic, soft, etc] books, while the hard copies are the literature of the electronic books. Electronic books are the actual material marketed while the hard copies simply provide companionship and may be  useful and handy for reading small parts of the book.



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