PPelvic diaphragm/perineum 3D rotation



ORIGIN:  Anterior fibers from pelvic surface of pubis (pubococcygeus). Posterior fibers from the ischial spine (ischiococcygeus). The middle fibers from the arcus tendineus formed on the obturator fascia (iliococcygeus). Pubococcygeus is further divided into puborectalis, which surrounds the ano-rectal angular junction and the pubovaginalis in female and puboprostaticus in male both of which are placed at the inner aspects of the puborectalis.


INSERTION:  Coccyx and anococcygeal raphe; sides of rectoanal junction and central perineal tendon.


ACTION:  Forms pelvic floor (or diaphragm).


The pubovaginalis is an important voluntary sphincter of vaginal wall assisting the non-pelvic floor voluntary sphincter known as the sphincter vaginae in the deep perineal pouch of the female. When well developed, this pelvic floor sphincter assists vaginal sexual climax probably because it increases contact with penis at intercourse. It also helps to cure stress incontinence, especially after childbirth in the so-called Kegelís exercises.


NERVE:  Nerve to levator ani from sacral and coccygeal nerves and the inferior rectal nerve

Action video

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DIGITAL LOCATOR OF FEMALE PELVIC FLOOR: Rollover to label; click to display. LAYERS- Layer 1: Skin of pelvis. Layer 2: Pelvic peritoneum and fascia. Layer 3: Pelvic cavity. Layer 4: Pelvic floor layer. Layer 5: Layer of bones (pelvic outlet)












Pelvic floor displayed at layer 4







DIGITAL LOCATOR OF MALE PELVIC FLOOR: Layer 1, skin of abdomen above the pelvic cavity; Layer 2 of fasciae of anterior abdominal wall; Layer 3 of rectus sheath; Layer 4 of parietal peritoneum and transversalis fascia; Layer 5 of peritoneal pelvic cavity; Layer 6 of pelvic peritoneum and fascia; Layer 7 of greater pelvis; Layer 8 of lesser pelvis; Layer 9 of pelvic floor; Layer 10 of joints and ligaments of pelvis; Layer 11 of bones of pelvis;Rollover to label; click to display. Pelvic floor layer 9 from pelvis






   Smooth muscle

   Striated muscle

   Cardiac muscle

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Smooth muscle      

Striated muscle      

Cardiac muscle      


Smooth muscle      

Striated muscle    

Cardiac muscle      

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