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Pelvic rotation
Pelvic features
Android pelvis
Anthropoid pelvis
Diagonal conjugate diameter
Gynecoid pelvis
Caldwell-Molloy classifcation of pelves
Greater pelvis
Hind pelvis
Intertuberischial diameter
Lesser pelvis
Linea terminalis
Oblique diameter of pelvic inlet
Obturator fascia
Pecten pubis
Pectineal ligament
Pelvic brim
Pelvic canal
Pelvic cavity
Pelvic corridor
Pelvic examination
Pelvic diaphragm
Pelvic girdle
Pelvic inlet
Pelvic outlet
Pelvic sacral foramina
Platypelloid pelvis
Bony pelvis Superior aperture of lesser pelvis
Pelvic types








The articulated pelvis forms a pelvic canal which is the birth canal. It is different in males when compared to females because of the obvious function in parturition in the female. Hence it is wider and broader in the female than the male. Above this canal at the level of the pelvic brim, we have the greater (or false) pelvis). The pelvic canal itself is the true (or lesser) pelvis. It is made up of three bones- hip bone, sacrum and coccyx. It has superior aperture, inferior aperture and midcavity.

The female pelvis has four main types- gynecoid, platypelloid, android and anthropoid pelvis.

Differences between male and female pelvis

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