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Muscular attachments

Medial muscles                           

Arises from anterior 1/2 of the inner lip of iliac crest

Arises from iliac tuberosity.

Arises from anterior 2/3 of iliac fossa     

Arises from posterior part of iliac crest.

Arises from anterior superior iliac spine  and upper half of iliac notch

  • Rectus femoris                            

Arises from anterior inferior iliac spine  (straight head) and from the groove above the acetabulum (reflected head).

Arises from pelvic surface of pubis and inner aspect of ischial spine.               

Arises from ischiopubic ramus

Arises from ischial tuberosity

Arises, in both male and female, from the inner aspect of ischial ramus

Inserted into tip of coccyx (deep part)      

Inserted into the sides of pubic arch in the female

Arises from ischial spine

Arises from margins of obturator foramen  and from pelvic surface of hip bone behind and above obturator foramen.

Lateral muscles

Inserted into the anterior of the outer lip of iliac crest.

Arises from the anterior 2/3 of middle lip of iliac crest

Arises from iliac crest

Arises from area behind posterior gluteal line

Arises from outer surface of ilium from posterior to anterior gluteal lines.

Arises from area between anterior and inferior gluteal line

Arises from margin of greater sciatic foramen

Arises from outer surface of ischial spine

Arises from ischial tuberosity

Arises from ischial tuberosity               

Arises from ischial tuberosity

  • Adductor magnus                                      

Arises from ischial tuberosity and ischiopubic ramus.

Arises from anterior surface of pubis and pubic arch.

Arises from front of body of pubis

Arises from front of body of pubis between crest and symphysis

Arises from pecten pubis

Arises from front of symphysis pubis (medial head) and pubic crest  (lateral tendon).

  • Pyramidalis                                 

Arises from front of body of pubis).

Arises from anterior part of outer lip of iliac crest and anterior border of ilium

Arises from medial side of ischial tuberosity and ischiopubic ramus

  • Psoas minor                                      

Occasionally psoas minor is inserted to the arcuate line of ilium



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